Summer Improv Classes: CSz Level 1 Classes Starting in June

Now that we've cleaned up all the confetti from opening weekend at our new home, The Rozzie Square Theater, we're excited to announce the launch of CSz Level 1: Introduction to Improv classes.

Classes start Wednesday, June 6 and meet every Wednesday from 7:30p - 9:30p, with the exception of July 4 - no class. Summer tuition is $225 with an early bird sign up by May 31. ($250 after). Your tuition includes free admission to ComedySportz matches, plus show discounts for your friends and family. You can reserve your spot here. 

All classes take place at our new home, The Rozzie Square Theater at 5 Basile st., Roslindale, MA 02130.

Not sure if taking an improv class is for you? Are you curious about ComedySportz and short form improv? Sign up for any of our free open house days happening on May 23 and May 26.

About CSz Level 1: Introduction to Improv

We've been called one of the top eight comedy schools from around the nation by Paste Magazine. In this 8-week course you'll learn the fundamentals of improv. CSz Level 1 classes are the gateway for adults to all things ComedySportz®. Experience is not necessary (although certainly welcome); our classes feature a level and nurturing playing field. 

You will have a fun time in a supportive environment, while learning improv the CSz Way - in a concise and organized sequence.

Whether you're looking to improve your public speaking skills or meet new people, learning the foundations of improv with CSz will equip you with valuable skills that will help you live a fun and awesome life.

To register or ask questions, call (617) 231-7006, e-mail or simply register on-line.

You will have an amazing time:

  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Learn improv the CSz Way - in a concise and organized sequence
  • Experience the power of letting good things happen
  • Learn how ComedySportz and other improv styles enhance your life 
  • Meet interesting people, network and make new friends
  • Have a great time, become extremely funny and yes, even smell better!
  • Gain incredible insight into what's funny and why
  • Equip yourself with new tools for all arts: Speed, Narrative, Movement, Character-building, Conflict, Status and Fun. The improv tools we teach will give you a strong foundation for almost any style of improv
  • Improve your auditioning skills
  • Classes are how we find new CSz talent

Your lead teacher will be Co-owner & General Manager, Courtney Pong. Courtney has been a performer and educator with CSz Worldwide since 2001, including 15 years with CSz San Jose, one of CSz Worldwide’s longest-running operating locations with over 5,500 performances. She has performed and led team building workshops and provided entertainment and entertainment programming for Fortune 500 companies such as Brocade, Cisco Systems, eBay, PayPal, Nike, Intel, HP and Adobe.

Ready for summer learning? Bring it on.