We're Moving! Get Excited For Some #ROSLOVE

There is no eloquent way to shout this because we are SO FRIGGIN’ EXCITED, so we’ll just say it:

We have a new home of our own!

A new home for (3).png

We’re pleased to announce the inception of Rozzie Square Theater, located in the heart of Roslindale Village.

On Friday, May 4th, we’ll open our new, bigger theater to the public, located at 5 Basile st. Roslindale, MA. Go ahead and peep that Google street map, you know you wanna.

Why Now

After a fantastic and memorable 3 year run at The Riot Theater in JP, we’ve done what we came here to do: Grow. Not just grow to grow, but grow with intention. 

We haven’t been shy about our work to bring more improv comedy to the diverse communities that surrounded us on this side of the river - from our Free Open House event in the fall of 2017 to experimenting with different ways to make the benefits of improv more accessible to new audiences, and identifying new friends and partners that share similar goals.

By partnering with The Riot to make this new home, we are continuing to grow - sustainably and patiently - toward our vision of making a place we intend to be a centerpiece of the community. Improv and comedy build community in a unique way that few other things can.

5 Things Exciting About Our New Home

1. Accessible, Accessible, Accessible

  • Rozzie Square Theater and its bathrooms are handicap accessible!
  • Surrounded by street parking - FREE two-hour parking
  • Conveniently located near 2 local lots:  MBTA (Roslindale Station) lower lot at South St & Belgrade Ave, and the Roslindale Municipal Lot (City Lot #009)
  • Sharing the same sidewalk that serves as the bus stop for multiple lines

2. NEW: Classes and Workshops

  • Introduction to Improv classes
  • Intermediate and Advanced level Improv classes and drop-in workshops to hone your craft
  • Applied Improv workshops that focus on using the foundational skills of improv to strengthen areas of personal and professional development
  • Guest workshop teachers from other improv backgrounds + our annual steady drumbeat of visiting CSz Worldwide players

3. NEW: Neighbors and Friends

  • Directly across from beautiful Adams Park, which boasts the Roslindale Summer Farmers Market, voted as Best Farmers Market in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017
  • Excellent restaurants are just steps away - Napper Tandy’s, Shanti’s, Elsie’s Kitchen, and a bunch more
  • Our in-building neighbor is locally owned  Delicious Yogurt, which fulfills Courtney’s lifelong wish to never be more than an arm's length away from frozen yogurt (or a Polar seltzer)

4. Classic AND New Programming

  • ComedySportz will keep its current schedule - Fridays @ 8pm, Saturdays at 5pm
  • The Riot and its director Joseph Gels will be running Improv Jones shows every Saturday, and directing late night Thursday and Friday programming that is still in the works of nailing down. Stay tuned!

5. MORE Space = New Things

  • 49-seats in a spacious 1050 square foot facility
  • 2 bathrooms
  • A dedicated lobby/concessions area separate from the general performance area
  • A new stage!
  • Walls to decorate and show our gratitude to Loyal Fans and audiences
  • For performers: Greenroom space to warm up and wrap up sessions in

How to Help

To kick off our trek to opening weekend, CSz Boston and The Riot are working together to launch Rozzie Square Theater and raise additional funds via an Indiegogo campaign. We would love your help to make this place beautiful and fun for everyone.

Whether you live in the community or are helping support from afar, we've got a variety of perks that reward your donation, from tickets and lifetime passes to local business advertising packages. If you’re unable to donate, we hope you’ll help spread the word via word of mouth or on your social channels - help us find folks who are passionate about bringing improv and comedy to communities. Every little bit helps.

There are risks with any change. Will current audiences stick with us as we relocate? Will we be able to build new audiences in our new home? We are confident that we have the right team and strategy to not only bring our audiences with us but also firmly build roots in the rapidly growing community of Roslindale, especially with the help of wonderful neighbors like the Roslindale Village Main Streets.

How to Say Goodbye

We are full to bursting with gratitude. For the time to grow and learn, and especially the generous friends and family that have attended many ComedySportz matches, while supporting our Players (that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated). We’ve loved this neighborhood and the friends we’ve made. Please join us in saying thanks to our Jamaica Plain home by coming out to our final ComedySportz matches:

And so, we head into April with lots of change on the horizon. We are ready and we are thrilled. Forward, onward, upward.

With gratitude,

Courtney, Betse, and the CSz Boston team

CSz Boston Player Christin Rills requested this photo be part of our announcement. 

CSz Boston Player Christin Rills requested this photo be part of our announcement.