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We have several ways to help you raise money for your organization! Review our different options and fill out the form below.

Option A: Claim a Show on our Calendar
We decide together on a weekend that will be your organizations’ fundraising weekend. Then we create a flyer and code for you that you distribute to your mailing list. If they come to the show, we donate $3 for each attendee. They can buy tickets in advance or at the door. They can attend any of our two shows over the weekend. 

Option B: Re-Sell Tickets
You can buy a block of tickets from us at our discounted rate of $10/each (minimum 30 tickets) and then re-sell them to your group and keep all profits. You decide the re-sell price; we suggest selling them for $15 or more which would earn you at least $5 for each ticket sold.

Option C: Bring us Out to You
We can come to your non-profit fundraising event and do a show. Promote your event by selling tickets in advance, and you keep all profits. Rates start at $500, which is 1/4 of what we would normally charge. Successful events in the past have paired our show with a silent auction, which would allow you to raise more money for the evening. We’ll even donate a gift card to the auction. Download the informational PDF here.

No hidden fees. No extra charges.

Donations For YOUR Events

We donate hundreds of tickets to charity fundraisers every year. 🎉 Simply fill out the donation form below.

Please do not fax, mail or phone in solicitations. Please do not send donation paperwork or tax information about the event. (We don’t claim a tax break on these donations, so we don’t like to waste paper or anyone’s time.)  

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