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We've been called one of the top eight improv comedy schools from around the nation by Paste Magazine. CSz improv and applied improv classes are a fun, supportive way to learn improvisational thinking, gain self-confidence, develop business soft-skills and meet people.

Current Improv Training, Classes and Workshops Available


CSz - 00: Open House - OUR MONTHLY FREE event

 Questions? Email

Questions? Email

Have you been interested in taking an improv class but not sure if it’s for you? Are you looking to improve skills that will help you in your personal and professional life? Is "take an improv class" on your list of things someone recommended to you?

The “CSz Open House” is a fun, low cost, low-pressure way to get up on your feet, learn some improv basics and play ComedySportz-style improv games with our Artistic Director, Courtney Pong.  It’s 100% FREE! The perfect introduction to the CSz Level 1: Introduction to Improv class. No experience required. What will you do at our improv open house?

Sat. Dec 8 @ 2p - 3:30p | Click to reserve spot >>
Sat. Jan 5 @ 2 - 3:30p |
Click to reserve spot >>
February & March dates coming soon

  • Group warmup

  • Learn some basic improv exercises

  • Work together in small and large groups

  • Laugh

Our Open Houses are taught by our instructors who have years of experience on stage and in the classroom. Their goal is to teach you basic improv skills, create a supportive and inclusive environment, and make sure you have a good time.

workshop series: ComedySportz For Kids (ages 7-12)

What’s more fun than comedy? ComedySportz Boston improv workshops provide a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for kids looking to make new friends, learn new skills, and develop self-confidence. Students will have a blast while learning to be funny and spontaneous. In this 4-day course students learn:

ComedySportz for Kids_IG.png
  • The fundamentals of improv comedy

  • How to increase their teamwork skills and decision-making capabilities

  • How to create hilarious, unscripted scenes, stories and characters

Whether your student is seeking to grow as an actor, comedian or just get comfortable thinking on their feet, this class has it all. Central themes your child can return to throughout the year include the importance of supporting each other, acceptance, commitment, teamwork, listening, trust and friendship. To celebrate a week of fun learning, family and friends are invited to an end-of-session showcase on Thursday at 12:00p, where we will show off skills learned during the week. ComedySportz Boston improv classes are located in Roslindale Village, at The Rozzie Square Theater. Everyone is welcome!

Cost: $200  |  Buddy Discount: Bring a buddy (or more), each child receives $15 off!

FALL SEASON TBD [coming soon]
times TBD

CSz Level 1: Introduction to Improv

  Questions?  Contact or call  (617) 231-7006

Questions? Contact or call (617) 231-7006

In this 8-week course you'll learn the fundamentals of improv. CSz Level 1 classes are the gateway for adults to all things ComedySportz®. Experience is not necessary (although certainly welcome); our classes feature a level and nurturing playing field. 

You will have a fun time in a supportive environment, while learning improv the CSz Way - in a concise and organized sequence. Whether you're looking to improve your public speaking skills, meet new people, or just have a great time and even smell better, learning the foundations of improv with CSz will equip you with valuable skills that will help you live your best life. 

Tuition: $250   | Early Bird Discount: $225
A $50 deposit holds your spot; the balance is due on the first night of class.

We have multiple class sessions a year - Mondays and Wednesdays, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

2019 Spring Session: April 3 - May 22.
Classes meet every Wednesday

2019 Winter Session: Jan 7 - Feb 27.
Classes meet every Wednesday

2019 Summer Session: May 29 - July 17
Classes meet every Wednesday

2019 Fall Session: Sept 11 - Oct 30
Classes meet every Wednesday

As we continue to root in Boston, we'll be offering training in many forms, such as: 

  • Series classes (8-week) for beginner - advanced levels

  • Drop in workshops for adults looking to use improv as an applicable life skill (known as Applied Improv)

  • Drop-in workshops for families to learn improv together

  • Specialty and master class workshops for adults, taught by CSz Worldwide teachers from all over

  • Specialty and master class workshops for high school students and younger

  • ComedySportz High School League. Download the information packet to learn how you can start your own ComedySportz High School League team.

  • Lots more to come!

For questions about upcoming classes, or how to bring CSz Education to your group or school, you can email or call (617) 231-7006.