Announcement: Dates for the ComedySportz Main Roster Tryouts - Come Audition!


CSz Boston is excited to add to our Professional Roster for 2018! Tryouts are approaching and you can reserve your spot here – you’ll have 4 spots to choose from and all Tryouts last 2 hours. More information is also below in our FAQ. 

CSz Boston Tryouts FAQ

Is there an age requirement for Tryouts?

Tryouts are open to ages 18 and older.

Is there a minimum improv experience required to attend Tryouts?

Tryouts are open to all backgrounds and experience levels. If you have a background in short-form or short-form game experience that you want to highlight, just let us know in your registration form.

If I haven't seen ComedySportz before, can I still attend Tryouts?

Yes. To set you up for success, though, we recommend you see a ComedySportz match, so you're familiar with the style, content, and audience-centric nature of the ComedySportz format.

What happens at/after Tryouts?

Immediately following your Tryout, we'll contact folks we'd like to see more from, to attend our Call Backs round the following Saturday / Sunday. (August 11, 12, choose from a 2-hour window, same as how the Tryout process works)

If selected to be part of the Professional Roster, you'll enter an 8-week training program designed to immerse you on our format and style of play, while giving you time to explore our team and values. 

What does the 8-week training program entail?

The training program is 8 weeks, with the 9th week culminating in a match for friends and family. Training begins Thursday, September 6 @ 7:30pm [location: Rozzie Square Theater].

Does CSz Boston charge $ for the 8-week training program?

There is no cost to players enrolled in our training program. Your training is paid for and you will not be charged for your end of program performance.

How long should I expect to be at the Tryout?

The Tryout itself will be 2 hours. Please allow 15-30 minutes prior, to arrive, check in and get going.

What should I wear at the Tryout?

We recommend business casual, and close-toed shoes.

What should I expect to do at the Tryout?

Be prepared to play! You will be improvising in a variety of short-form scenes and games, learning games on the fly, and doing character work.

What should I bring?

A photo of yourself and your resume. Water if you want it.

How will I know my Tryout spot is confirmed?

You will receive an email confirming your chosen day and time within 3 days from signing up. All Tryout spots are first come first serve.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?


Did you have to use Whom?

It was a fun choice. We regret nothing.