Summer Learning: ComedySportz For Kids is Here! (Aug 27 - Aug 30)

Looking for something fun for your child (ages 7-12) to do in that last week of August? What’s more fun than comedy?!

ComedySportz Boston improv workshops provide a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for kids looking to make new friends, learn new skills, and develop self-confidence. Students will have a blast while learning to be funny and spontaneous. In this 4-day workshop series students learn:

  • The fundamentals of improv comedy
  • How to increase their teamwork skills and decision-making capabilities
  • How to create hilarious, unscripted scenes, stories and characters

Whether your student is seeking to grow as an actor, comedian or just get comfortable thinking on their feet, this class has it all. Central themes your child can return to throughout the year include the importance of supporting each other, acceptance, commitment, teamwork, listening, trust and friendship. 

To celebrate a week of fun learning, family and friends are invited to an end-of-session showcase on Thursday at 12:00p, where we will show off skills learned during the week. ComedySportz Boston improv classes are located in Roslindale Village, at The Rozzie Square Theater. Everyone is welcome!

Have questions? Email our Owner and General Manager: courtney[at]

Cost: $200  

Take advantage of our Buddy Discount:
Bring a friend (or more), each child receives $15 off their registration!

Monday, August 27th - Thursday, August 30th
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.