Special Drop-In Workshop - Chicago Guest Teacher

Fresh from the streets of Chicago - a fun drop-in workshop by the one and only Matt Elwell!

If you're committed to continuing your improv education, come on down to The Rozzie Square Theater and sharpen your short-form improv skills with the workshop KISSing Short-Form.

When: Saturday, July 14
Time: 1:30p - 3:30p
Where: The Rozzie Square Theater, 5 Basile st. Roslindale, MA right in Roslindale Village!
Cost: $45
We recommend workshoppers have at least 1 year minimum of improv experience. Have questions? email courtney@cszboston.com

About the Workshop
When it comes to flexing your short-form improv muscles, do you find yourself in scenes with slow starts, middling plots, and unsatisfying endings to games? Unfortunately, it’s all too common for short-form to suffer from just being “shorter long-form.” The KISSing Short-form tools introduce fundamentals that will leave you with actionable tips you can use to tighten up your improv. Through a visceral and energetic approach, this 2-hour session will challenge participants to explore short-form improv in a way that excels at bringing out the beauty in storytelling, character development, and emotional realism.

About the Instructor
Matt Elwell has been a professional Chicago improviser since 2000. From 2007-2010, Matt was the Artistic Director of The ComedySportz Theatre (now CSz Theater Chicago), and has led workshops around the country teaching various professional teams how to play ComedySportz. Matt trained at Second City, iO, and The Annoyance, and has taught improv in both the Second City Training Center and CSz Theater Chicago. His passion as an improv teacher is “innovating and reinvigorating how people do short-form for art, entertainment, and training.” Alongside his work teaching improv to improvisers, Matt has made a career in Applied Improvisation, using improv exercises in Learning & Development as a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance.



Matt Elwell. Serious face sold separately.

Matt Elwell. Serious face sold separately.