Halloween with ComedySportz: Rare Games, Ref Treats & Costumes


Halloween is upon us! While you ready yourselves to stuff a pillowcase full of Abba Zabbas, the ComedySportz Players are gearing up for our annual Halloween Spooktacular.  Friday, October 28th,  the 8 p.m. match will feature:

  • Rare ComedySportz games: We’re opening up the vault and busting out some classic ComedySportz games that we ONLY play at Halloween time because they’re THAT ridiculous.
  • Ref Treats: We’ve been known to dole out candy and treats to the Loyal Fans – yelling “trick or treat” at our faces not required.
  • Halloween Costume Contests: We’ll be looking to see who attended in the best Halloween costume, and awarding cool prizes to creative and fun ideas.
  • Halloweeny Music: Tunes to jam to to help get you in the mood!

…and any other Halloween surprises we want to throw your way.

Our annual Spooktacular is a fun and safe way to enjoy the Halloween weekend with friends and family. Whether you’re rounding out some early trick-or-treating or looking for the alternative, we’ve gotcha covered! You can reserve your tickets online. To skip the service fee, reserve by calling our box office at (617) 231-7006.