Workplace Culture: How to Lead With the Why

When it comes to workplace culture, the What will always change – ping pong tables, company-wide walk-a-thons, That One Time We Were All Really Into Puzzles. A deeper examination on workplace culture shows us that great company culture is derived out of the Why, rather than the What. The Why is what’s constant. The Why not only powers everything you do, but should be the checks and balances system for when you evaluate an activity or pursue a new program. The Why are your values.

The CSz Boston team recently took the opportunity to cook a meal for the families at our local Ronald McDonald House. (We wrote and photo’d it up here ). To practice what we preach, we took a holistic view of our time volunteering to reflect and acknowledge that our own CSz core values – Collaboration, Inspiration, Gratitude and Fun – are fulfilled in anything we do.

Putting It All Together

Cooking a large meal for 20+ people is more than one enthusiastic person can handle in a short amount of time, so our team of six came ready to chop, dice, sauté and stir.

We made Turkey Chili, roasted sweet potatoes, and a purple cabbage salad with a honey mustard dressing. Since it all needed to be ready at the same time and within an hour-ish, collaboration is key – two people dicing vegetables for both the chili and salad is effective, while freeing up others to scrub and chop sweet potatoes which would take longer. Communication is key, too.

In collaboration, we find out Christin is way better at navigating a chili recipe and that Dennis is a cabbage-chopping machine. We recognize that this meal is made possible by many pairs of hands, not just one.

Spending an hour + in the kitchen gives ground to get to know each other a little more and feel just a little more comfortable and supported.

We recognize that when you feel comfortable and supported, you are inspired to add some 90’s pop music in the background. Nothing is more priceless than learning that everyone happens to know all the lyrics to NSYNC’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” We also learned that Ben does a pretty good Eddie Vedder impression.

Gratitude is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger spotting opportunities gets. We recognize the opportunity to be grateful for our collaborative and fun teammates. The gratitude for a community and establishment like the Ronald McDonald House that opens up the opportunity to give with what you have to those in need. The gratitude for quality time with our teammates. Gratitude for Danielle knowing EXACTLY what to do if the dressing is accidentally over-salted, because that was clutch.

Spending time together and contributing to an organization and people we care about is never a wasted moment. Combining our other 3 values alongside folks that have likeminded thinking makes for a fun time because everyone is working toward the same outcome. And we achieved it! Dinner was served and nothing in the kitchen caught on fire. Success.

How CSz Boston Can Help

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– Courtney