5 Things to Help You Get Ready for Your First Improv Class

Whether you're joining us for one of our Level 1 improv sessions or getting your feet wet at any of the improv training centers in your city, here are some helpful tips via CSz Boston and a few CSz team members from around the U.S. to help set you up for success as you jump in. 

5 Things to Help You Get Ready for Your First Improv Class

1. Wear comfortable clothes.  

"Wear clothes/shoes you feel comfortable moving around in" - Ria Torricelli, CSz NYC & Elizabeth Guerra, CSz Boston.

We don't have any America Ninja Warrior courses planned, but just being in clothes you feel most comfortable in will help keep you focused on enjoying the experience.

If you're coming straight from work, our theater has multiple bathrooms to change in.

2. Consider a notebook + pen

If you think of something you want to reflect on later, jotting it down in a notebook will help. We advise pen and paper - instead of a phone/tablet - to help minimize possible distraction from the beeps and boops. Plus nothing beats pen and paper (except rock).

3. Bring water / a reusable water bottle

You'll be talking and moving in class, so water is suggested. We have a drinking fountain to refill a water bottle, and water for purchase in our concessions area.

"Stay in the moment. Stay hydrated. My Aunt Paula told me this but it’s some of the greatest advice I’ve ever received." — Ellyn Broderick & Aunt Paula, Cincinnati, OH

4. Be early. 

The first day of anything can already come with its own set of nerves. To avoid being rattled, "plan on getting there 15 minutes early." - Christin Rills, CSz Boston

Can't get there 15 minutes early? 

"Be five minutes early to class. Socialize in those five minutes and not during the first five minutes of class." Chip Aucoin, CSz Chicago.

5. Know we're glad you're here. 

"Don't worry about impressing anyone. You signed up and showed up. That in itself is impressive enough," - Murphy Felton, CSz San Jose

"It's supposed to feel weird and imperfect. You're doing enough by being present." Sean Sullivan, CSz Chicago

"Focus on the fun rather than the funny." Curt Q. Hendley, CSz Austin

That's it! We'll take care of the rest.

See you for the first day of class, Wednesday, September 5th, @ 7:30p!

If you haven't signed up yet and want to join us for the Fall season, go here to take advantage of our Early Bird discount before September 1.

If you still have some questions, email courtney@cszboston.com and we'll answer them. 

And if you're still just not sure about this whole improv thing or committing 8 weeks to something you've never done before - take our free workshop we offer monthly.