Announcing the 2017 ComedySportz Minor League Roster


We’re proud and pleased to announce the official roster for the 2017 ComedySportz Minor League! Starting in January, our newest students will go through our ComedySportz training program to learn the ins and outs of our flagship show format, to then take the field in a head-to-head battle.

As part of the CSz Worldwide family, we’d be remiss if we made this announcement without talking about one of our core values: Gratitude.

A sincere thank you to all who made the time to attend Tryouts this year. Not only was it exciting to meet so many new faces, it was fun to spend a dedicated 2 hours playing and laughing alongside some wonderfully talented, focused and entertaining improvisers in the community.

While every person who showed up to The Riot those four days has a unique background, story and What, it is inspiring to see us united over the course of those 2 hours by one, large Why: We see the world as a playground, with endless possibility; it’s the power of play, and its ability to turn strangers into New Best Friends. Few things are better than that. 

Congratulations to the 2017 Roster (names below!) – CSz Boston, our team and coaches are excited to meet and train more people to answer the call.

Courtney Pong & Betse Green
General Manager & Owners, CSz Boston

The 2017 ComedySportz Minor League Roster

Andrew Haveles
Chloe Zwiacher
Chris Messinger
Danielle Cromartie
Danielle Kushner
Dennis Mercier
Emmy Serviss
Gwen Coburn
Jackie Presedo
Jake Isenhart
Joe Szafarowicz
Josh Michel
Juliet Rose
Laura Merli
Lauren Turner
Matt Taylor
Matthew Hession
Michelle Gilliam
Noel Naczi
Peter G. Parisi
Ryan Pierannunzi
Scott Istvan
Shruthi Whalen
Sophia Koevary
Stacey Snyder
Stephanie Millner
Travis Verhaegen
Valentine Rogers
Whitney Hawkins

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